ISSCR 2015 Introduction

It was a busy week in Stockholm, Sweden for the annual meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research. A great choice of city and so calm for a capital - beauty, innovation and peace! The schedule was somewhat of a juggling act to manage as science sessions, meetings, interviews, posters & exhibitors needed to be balanced. Sadly I wasn't able to explore fully the great selection of Exhibitors, nor attend all my earmarked science sessions, as I would have liked due to time limitations. Also off-site socials were limited to members only, so I missed some cocktail get togethers which would have been fun! A good iPad agenda tool by ISSCR, which I used constantly, made life a lot easier. Thx for that!

Tuesday evening's pre-meeting public science session kicked off the event for me, which was focused on the Aging Brain, off-site at Karolinska Institute with 4 great speakers. The overall event ran, as many know, through Saturday early evening with the closing presentations.

Over the next few days I will be doing some review pieces on the event and some highlights. In addition, there are a number of more in-depth pieces I will feature in-time with material from the interviews I conducted. All in all a great show and thx to the organizers for their best-in-class effort.

Stay tuned...


Ref: Interviews (i) / post-presentation Chats (c) / Meetings (m) / Exhibitor Briefing (eb) / Poster Review (pr) held with:

Austin Smith (i)
Jeanne Loring (i)
Robin Ali (i)
Masayo Takahashi (i)
Rudolf Jaenisch (i)
Sally Temple (i)
Robert Langer (i)
Malin Parmar (c)
Hans Keirstead (c)
Jonathan Thomas (m)
Derek van der Kooy (m)
Tim Caulfield (m)
ESI Bio (eb)
Corning (eb)
Miltenyi Biotec (eb)
UCL (eye - pr)
Whitehead Institute (direct diff/eye - pr)
Riken (eye - pr)
Iserm (eye - pr)
Karolinska (eye - pr)
Neural SCI (eye - pr)
CHA (eye - rep no-show - pr)
Ocata/Cha (eye - rep no-show - pr)
U.Toronto (eye - pr)
U.Pitt (eye - pr)
U.Finland (eye - pr)
U. Taiwan (eggs - pr)